The Art Of Company Leading 


Leading a company is art. Successful entrepreneurs are artists. They feel and perceive their inner guidance.

The best ones are able to use their inner senses whenever they need it. They recognized themselves already...


It is a great gift to have excellent business partners - currently I am leading three companies: with Ekaterina Kern -

Golden Flower, with Jakub Pacanda, Helena Paulíková and petr Macháček - Wuwej Community s.r.o. and independently

ICA Center Europe s.r.o. The most important thing that helps me to lead these companies is self-recognition.


For my clients I am developing an environment of successful and well-managed companies, business and institutions. 

Current projects:

With Jakub Pacanda, Helena Paulíková and Petr Macháček, Wuwej Community s.r.o. (2018 - continue)

Community Solving of client's projects.

With Ekaterina Kern, Program: Golden Flower (2016 - continue)

For the flourishing of the souls of people and companies.

Leadership of the ICA logotherapy dereflexive group (2010 - present; More than 1,000 people). Plus individual clients come from this group. Dozens of workshops in companies for the development of individual and collective managers' psycho-hygiene. Projects: "Male and female live and collaborate together" (2014), "Energy and Management" (2015), "Golden Flower" (2016 - so far).

Contact: Tomas Havrda, Managing Partner, ICA Centre Europe s.r.o. M: + 420 602 275 207  E:


My reference, Business Architect (2008 - present): 1.VOX a.s.; ABE.TEC, s.r.o.; Asseco Solutions, a.s.; A.W.I.S. Správa, systémy s.r.o.; AspectWorks s.r.o.; Atollon Consulting CZ , s.r.o.; Axxel Investment s.r.o.; BIOLOGICA s.r.o.; Bohemia Market CZ s.r.o.; CertiCon a.s.; CFD support s.r.o.; Clever Decision spol. s r.o.; Cross Masters, s.r.o.; ČEZ, a.s.; Deloitte Advisory s.r.o.; DELOR INTERNATIONAL, spol. s r.o.; COEX CZ, s.r.o.; COM PLUS CZ a.s.; DATARECOVERY, s.r.o.; Delfín travel s.r.o.; Deloitte Audit s.r.o.; Digital Solutions, s.r.o.; ELMO Schoř, s.r.o.; Ernst & Young, s.r.o.; ESET, spol. s r.o.. (Slovensko);Europ Assistance s.r.o.; European Compensation Services s.r.o.; FIRECLAY, spol. s r.o.; Fučík & partneři, s.r.o.; IGNUM s.r.o.; inSophy s.r.o.; J.K.R. spol. s r.o.; KABELSPOJ, s.r.o.; Kasalova pila s.r.o.; Keiretsu Forum Prague SE; Komerční banka, a.s.; LECCOS o.s.; Logio s.r.o.; Lundegaard spol. s r.o.; MADOS PRO, spol. s r.o.; MENCL PRO s.r.o.; MindStream s.r.o.; Ministerstvo práce a sociálních věcí ČR; Nakladatelství FRAGMENT, s.r.o.; OpenOne a.s.; Orchitech Solutions, s.r.o.; PHYSTER TECHNOLOGY, a.s.; Prague Business Office s.r.o.; ProCon Group s.r.o.; Profit Energy a.s.;, s.r.o.; ProtoFinal s.r.o.;  RAMIA TOOLS s.r.o.; QatroD Čelákovice s.r.o.; SECTION Technologies s.r.o.; SmarTech Solutions, s.r.o.; SMP CZ, a.s.; SOLUTIONS FOR MEDIA s.r.o.; SYMBIO Digital, s.r.o.; Syntactic Sugar s.r.o.; STADO CZ, s.r.o.; TopMonks s.r.o.; TrustYard s.r.o.; TWIN s.r.o.; Twisto payments a.s.; T-SOFT a.s.; Svitok s.r.o.; UniCredit Leasing CZ, a.s.; Univerzita Hradec Králové; Univerzita Pardubice; Vavex 1990 s.r.o.; VK LOŽISKA s.r.o.; YATE spol. s r.o.; YVENTECH s.r.o.and others…

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